The uniform is to be worn at all times unless a specific exception has been made by the Senior Teacher in charge.

It has also to be worn for school functions or by individuals or groups representing the school at debates, festivals etc, where this is thought to be appropriate by the teacher responsible.

Compulsory Items

  • Uniform for Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 students is as follows:

  • Tartan skirt (special school tartan)

  • white blouse

  • royal blue pullover (v-necked with school crest)

  • school blazer with crest

  • flat black shoes

  • navy tights

  • house badge

  • Only the school scarf may be worn.

PE Uniform (Compulsory)

Navy skirt, Gym shoes, White airtex blouse, Navy pants.  School Track Suit with crest is available but not compulsory until Year 10.

Years 13 & 14 Uniform (Compulsory)

Navy school skirt, blue blouse, navy school fleece with crest, navy school blazer with crest, navy school jumper with crest, flat black shoes, navy tights, and Sixth Form school scarf.

Items Not Permitted

No student is allowed to wear high heels/platform shoes or sandals as they are not considered safe for school wear.  Boots may not be worn.

Make-up and Jewellery

Make-up may not be worn at school.  Jewellery is limited to a watch and one stud in each ear (if ears are pierced).  A watch should not be worn on the day PE is timetabled.


It is impossible to anticipate fashion trends and it will be the decision of the Senior Management Team re the suitability of adopting current styles, e.g. inappropriate hairstyles, especially those which may cause danger and discomfort in the school environment.  These will not be permitted.



Extract from School Policy

Pupils are allowed to carry mobile phones for use in an emergency on the way to and from school.  However, they do not have permission to use them during the school day and they must be switched off at all times, including break-time and lunchtime.

Should a pupil have her mobile phone out of her bag during the school day, it will be taken from her and placed in the school safe to be collected by a parent or other responsible adult the next day.

In order to collect the phone, a letter will be sent home.  This letter must be presented at reception and the phone will be returned (the day after confiscation).



Extract from Homework Diary

Mobile phones should be switched off at all times and kept safe in school bags. Pupils may not use MP3 players, IPods etc. on the school premises.



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