Staff deployment in St Genevieve’s is a dynamic response to meet the changing needs of our pupils and effectively address the evolving demands of the NI Curriculum.  All our teachers are committed to continuous professional development and often work within more than one subject discipline.

The Senior Management Team which comprises Principal, two Vice-Principal and two assistant Vice-Principals. 

 Dr N Beatty (Sc)  Mrs C Hughes (Bs, ICT)  Miss L McGivern (Mi, Ms)
 Mr M Bennett (HI, LLW)  Mrs A Jago (En)  Mrs N McGurk (Sc, Hs)
 Mrs N Harvey (En)  Miss P Jago (En)  Mrs K White (Mi, Ms) 
 Mrs D Boyd (Sc Hs)  Mrs J Kelly (Ma)  Mrs A McLernon (Fr)
 Miss D Boyle (Bs, ICT)  Mrs S Kelly (He)  Mrs Z McMahon (He, Cc, Hs)
 Mr G Brankin (Ma)  Mr B Kerr (Sc)  Mrs J McQuillan (En)
 Mr S Burke (TI)  Mrs N Lyttle (En)  Mrs G Moore (Sc)
 Mr P Cairns (Sc, Py)  Mrs S Mackle (Gg)  Mrs A Mulhern (Hi)
 Mrs N Campbell (Fr, Ir)  Mr B Magee (Ar)  Mr D O'Callaghan (Sc)
 Ms S Carabine (PE, LLW)  Mr E Mallon (Ma)  Mr M O'Callaghan (Ma)
 Mrs N Carr (TI)  Mrs S Marais (En)  Miss A O'Hagan (Fr)
 Mrs T Craig (Gg, Hi, LLW)  Mrs C Markley (Ir, Mu)  Mrs L O'Hare (Re)
 Mrs T Cullinan (Hi)  Mr McAleese (Bs, Tt)  Mrs M Reid (He, Cc, Hs)
 Miss B Davison (Ir)  Mrs F McAllister (He, Hs, Cc)  Mrs S Savage (Mu) 
 Mrs O Devlin (HE, LLW, Cc)  Mrs C MaAnulty (Bs, ICT)  Miss P Scullion (Bs, ICT)
 Mrs D Doherty (Ir, Hi)   Miss C McAuley (Ar)  Mrs C Sinclaire (Ma)
 Miss C Donnelly (ICT)  Mrs K McCann (Ma)  Mrs D Sweeney (En)
 Miss A Gilmore (Dr, En)  Miss M McCann (Gg)  Miss C Tanney (Ar)
 Mrs D Gormley (Hi, LLW)  Mrs C McCleave (Bs, ICT)  Mrs K Tomozei (Dr, En)
 Mr M Gribbon (Sc)  Mrs L McClure (Ar)  Mrs C Vize (He, Cc, Ho)
 Mrs E Haigney (PE)  Mrs M McDonagh (Hi, So)  Mrs M Walsh (pe)
 Miss C Hamill (Ma)  Mr R McDonald (Re)  Mr G Ward (Re)



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